Pablo is an experienced sustainability engineer at Hara Software, having served as a principal at ClimateCHECK and having worked on GHG management and sustainability projects at URS. URS is one of the largest engineering, design, and construction firms in the world. During his tenure at URS, he founded the company’s Sustainable Solutions Group in Oakland, CA. He has also worked as sustainability engineer at Natural Capitalism Solutions, where he performed supply chain analysis for a number of clients.

Pablo PästerAs the sustainability engineer for LiveNeutral, a non-profit organization that focuses on educating individuals and companies on how to reduce their carbon emissions, Pablo developed the organization’s GHG calculators, now used by thousands of individuals and companies. He has also worked at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Energy and Environment, in Wuppertal, Germany.

Pablo is the author of AskPablo, a weekly sustainability column, which started on, was featured on, and is now on He answers readers’ questions about a wide range of topics, from recycling to hybrid vehicles. Pablo received his MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco and has a B.S. in manufacturing engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

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