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Image credit: Melanie Cook, used under Creative Commons license.

Dear Pablo: My fence is in desperate need of some attention. I want to know, what is the most environmentally friendly way to make it look good again? Do I use paint or stain, or is there some other solution?

Paint brings memories of paint fumes, and stains conjure up a product heavily dependent on petroleum-based chemistry. Neither seem like appealing eco-friendly solutions, however, there are green options. Additionally, the prospect of skipping painting or staining a fence needs to be balanced with the alternative: losing your fence to mold, mildew and disrepair, which would require the harvesting of new wood and the building of an entirely new fence. While it is nearly impossible to make an accurate comparison between the environmental impacts of paint and logging, just understanding the factors may help you make the best decision…. Read the full story on TreeHugger

Image credit: Snugg LePup, through Creative Commons

This year, we were a little curious about what the rest of the world has up their sleeves for Earth Day. After asking some of our favorite green lifestyle experts about their plans, we decided to poll our Twitter followers with the question: “Earth Day is approaching and we are wondering what you are doing: Have an innovative, green plan, goal, destination? Let us know!”

From endangered fish releases to sustainable community events to poster design — and let’s not forget tree planting — turns out April 22 is a busy day for the green Twitterverse. We took a look at the responses, and where we could, added the real numbers in terms of sustainable impact. … Read the full story on TreeHugger

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