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Image credit: Ramin Bahrani, used under Creative Commons license.

Dear Pablo: Is it true that plastic bags have less impact on the environment than the alternatives?

The findings of an unpublished UK government research report, obtained by Independent on Sunday and covered by TreeHugger‘s own Sami Grover, should come as no surprise. But still, most people would be shocked to learn that the canvas bags that they have been toting around may actually have a higher environmental impact than the plastic bags that we all vilify. … Read the full story on TreeHugger

Image Source: Woody Thrower

Dear Pablo: I know that bottled water is bad for the environment but what about us? What is in our bottled water?

Full Disclosure: The Environmental Working Group report referenced in this article discusses major bottled water brands. The author has consulted for Nestle Waters North America on environmental issues and Coca-Cola (the maker of Dasani) as well as Safeway (the maker of Refreshe) are clients of his company, Hara Software.

Bottled water has long been an easy target for environmentalists. From an article that played a role in the eventual creation of and the associated corporate social responsibility efforts by Fiji Water to an article that asked “Is Bottled Water Really That Bad?” I have played a role in this debate and I continue to get many bottled water-related questions. After the environmental impact of bottled water came into public discourse the health impacts of its alternative, reusable water bottles, also surfaced. While bottled water sold in disposable polyethylene plastic does not contain BPA there are legitimate reasons to question the contents of bottled water…. Read the full story on TreeHugger

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