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Dear Pablo,

I keep hearing that China is currently building around one coal-fired power plant per week. Even the presidential candidates repeat it. Is it true? Do you know any sources for it? The candidates also keep talking about “clean coal.” What’s the story with that?

Good question. I have heard various figures from various sources, and some say the number is actually higher. According to John Ashton, the top climate change official at the U.K. Foreign Office, “China is now building about two power stations every week.” Joel Blum, the John D. MacArthur Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Michigan, says, “Coal-burning plants are being built in China at an alarming rate — something like two per week.” (more…)

Dear Pablo,

I am still haunted by colony collapse disorder (CCD). I know the scientists are studying it, but is there anything that I and other individuals can do to help the bees?

The mysterious disappearance of honeybees in North America has been truly disturbing. According to some sources, over 40 percent of honeybee colonies have vanished each year since 2006 (30 to 90 percent according to the United States Department of Agriculture). While no one knows for sure what is causing this alarming trend, there are several theories, as well as some steps that you can take to help protect the bees yourself. (more…)

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